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Mirror Miracle (Meir Yedid) -- multiple changes

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This packet trick was originally released by Meir Yedid in the late 1970's, but continues to be a good seller for him, so he re-issued it about 15 years ago, and continues to sell it 40 years after it first came out!   Strong, visual magic stands the test of time.

The first suggested line of patter in the instructions is "this is the only four card trick that really uses only four cards".   (A true statement, but I wouldn't use that line for lay audiences -- save that inside joke for magicians only, please!)      But it does use only four cards.

You show four cards, and turn them faceup one at a time to show they are all the same value -- for example the Queen of Hearts.  (the card in your set may vary in value, but once you know the routine, you can make it any card you want with a simple substitution from your supply of regular cards).   After showing four Queen of Hearts in the packet, you then turn a facedown card over to show it now has a back on both sides!   you proceed to show that all four cards have backs on both sides -- the Queens are gone.   Finally, you come clean and show how it works:  it is done with mirrors.  You now show four cards to all have mirrored (mylar) faces!

The instructions come with some added ideas, which are good to consider, like:  have a card selected from your deck, and then show that the four cards all match the selected card before proceeding to the all-backs and mirrors.   

Some magicians may balk at the idea of showing a double-backer to a lay audience -- exposing a gimmicked card.  But in the all-backs context, laymen find this to be humorous and magical, not thinking "hey, I bet he uses that special card to do all kinds of card tricks".

The routine uses moves and ideas from the great Bro. John Hamman, Darwin Ortiz, as well as Verne Chesbro and Larry West.   It will take some practice, but nothing in the routine is difficult for anyone with moderate proficiency with standard packet magic sleights.

Brand new and unused (opened for photo), with instructions.


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