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Ment-a-Net (Sean Taylor)

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From Sean Taylor, this one came out about 15 years ago.  Although the way we think of the internet has changed immensely since then, this internet-themed divination routine still plays well, and fools.   (I've been using this trick for about 10 years, having great fun with it, and just happened to find a few more,, so I offer them here for sale.)

Three spectators are each given an "instruction" card to put in their pocket for later.  Then they are given cards showing three different identities:  a realtor, lawyer and magician.  While magi's back is turned, the spectators decide who will be which profession.  (Free choice among them).  Once they know what profession they are, each spectator consults his/her instruction card -- it tells them which brand of computer is used at their profession's office.  They each take the corresponding computer card, and pocket it.  Finally, the three spectators decide who will get the next email -- one of them picks up a "Mail" card from the table.   With their computer cards, mail card, professions and instruction cards all hidden in their pockets, the magi turns back to face them.

He opens a small laptop computer -- actually just one of those vinyl card wallets but with a couple of cards inside that look like a keyboard and a screen!  (I love that part of this routine).  Magi punches a few keys on the laptop, and the magi announces the profession of each spectator, and which computer brand they use.  To finish, he reveals a correct  prediction of who has the email!

The props are good-looking, and the method (though based on an old principle) is very clever.

Well taught with the instruction booklet that comes with the props.

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