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Red Rover (Dan Harlan) --thought-of cards across

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Another goodie from Dan Harlan, his take on the thought-of card across plot.  

Magician removes twenty cards from the deck.   The cards are cleanly and clearly separated into two packets of ten cards.   The spectator is given one 10-card packet to hold in a safe place -- pocket, sit on them, in her bra, wherever she is comfortable with holding them.   She then thinks of any card in the other packet.  After a magical gesture, the magician deals that packet faceup onto her hand, showing that there are now only NINE cards, and the card she thought of is gone!   She names her thought of card, and takes the packet from its safe-keeping place.  She counts the cards facedown, and there are eleven.  her named card is among them, having traveled magically from the other packet.

Comes with necessary gimmicked cards to match your red backed Bicycle deck.

Well taught with the instruction booklet that comes with the cards.

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