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Coin Balloon-acy DVD (Magic Ian) -- coin thru balloon

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Regular retail: $19.95
Save: $14.00
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Originally released with printed instructions in the late 1970's, Coin Balloon-acy was a neat combination of the Needle through Balloon trick and the Coin through rubber dam trick.    In short, you blow up a balloon, borrow a coin, and place it against the outside of the balloon, holding it there with your finger until... you push the coin through the balloon.    The spectator can look closely at the balloon, and see the coin inside -- it is really inside.

Ian explains methods for doing this with a marked coin.   This requires popping the ballon and recovering the coin before giving it back to the spectator.   I prefer to simply give the balloon (with coin still in it) -- I can't have the coin marked, but the effect is just as strong.

DVD is re-edited from a few different Magic Ian lectures and shows, so video quality is a bit crude, but the effect is well-taught and it is strong visual magic that laymen remember.

Best online price I found recently for this DVD was about $20.    

You get the DVD instructions -- you will need to get your own balloons (the kind used for needle through balloon trick)

Only one in stock, this one has been viewed, but is otherwise in excellent condition.

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