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Animal Hunter (vintage, 1970s, I think)

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When I first started in magic (in the late 1960's), I had one of these.  Exactly like this one.  This trick has been re-made many times over the years, and a hard plastic version (made in China or India) is still readily available.   But for my money (and I hope, for yours also!), I love this vintage version with black & white line drawings of the animals printed on a piece of sturdy thin cardboard.

Pretty sure this is from the 1970's.  Company name is FUN, Inc, but not sure if this is the same company that absorbed Royal Magic and still sells items.   If so, this is from the old days of that company.

The effect:   spectator thinks of any of the six animals.  the disc is turned animal-side downward, and a pencil is stuck into one of the holes.   The spectator mentally spells the name of her animal, as magi moves the pencil point from hole to hole -- one letter spelled for each hole.  When she says she has spelled the entire name of her animal, the pencil is tilted upward, showing that it is stuck through the hole next to her thought-of animal.

Not earth-shattering magic, but surprisingly puzzling for laymen.   Selling this one more for its nostalgia value, since I think many magicians of my generation probably started with this one in their bag of tricks.

New old dealer stock, apparently unused and never previously owned.  Complete with disc, and original instruction card/label.

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