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Uncanny by Mark Elsdon (Bicycle backs)

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Original Price: $24.95
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From Mark Elsdon and Trevor Duffie comes a different take on the Any Card at Any Number (ACAAN) plot.   Though Duffie is notably associated with using ultra-thin playing cards to create some super effects, this one uses standard thickness playing cards -- Bicycle back from the US Playing Card Company.  The deck is cleverly gimmicked to allow the following effect:

EFFECT:  Magi places a prediction envelope on the table.  He then takes a deck of cards from the box, and shows thateach card has been numbered on its back (1-52).  The numbers are in random order.  Magi turns the deck faceup, and shows the faces of the cards are also in a random order.  The squared deck is placed on the table facedown, and the spectator is asked to cut a section off the top and look at the card cut to.   (Let's say it's the 5D).   She remembers this card, and reassembles the deck, which is now turned faceup.  She now cuts a section off, and looks at the number on the card she cut to.   (Lets say it's 24).    Now the big finish -- the spectator names her card, and you slide a photo from the envelope -- it shows a spread of cards with a faceup 5D in the center.   She then names her number (24) and you point to the photo sayin gthe faceup 5D is exactly 24 cards from the top in the photo!  The spectator does not believe you -- as if this is a gag -- because the ends of the spread do NOT show in the photo.  but you turn the photo over and it says "No, really!  The 5D is the 24th card down in the deck."

Using elements of Bannon's Detour de Force and principles from a well-know classic trick deck, Elsdon and Duffie have come up with something that plays strong, entertains and really fools 'em.

Typical retails online and in stores for this effect are $22-$30.  Get it here for less!

NOTE:  the props you receive (deck) needs to be filled in by you; you need to spend an hour writing numbers on the backs of the cards.  This is a one-time prep, and does make the trick seem more personal and realistic/impromptu (if you know what I mean).

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