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Gozinta Envelopes -- flat version of Fiedler classic

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 A close-up quickie, based on Lubor Fiedler's Gozinta boxes, but made flat, using envelopes.   Magi shows a square red envelope, and pulls a purple envelope from the red one.  Then he tales something flat from the purple envelope -- bill, note, small silk, prediction, business card, etc.   Then, he picks up the red envelope and puts it inside the purple envelope!   

I like to use this without really pointing out that anything magic has happened.  I keep a business card in the purple envelope and when I need to give the card, I take out the red envelope.  "I keep my business cards in this red envelope, but the cards are actually inside this purple envelope that I keep inside the red envelope."  Removing the purple envelope, I then remove a card and hand it to spectator.  After she has had a moment to check out my card, and I have her attention again, I simply pick up the red envelope and put it in the purple envelope, then put the purple envelope back in my pocket.   The spectator will notice, and wonder if she really saw what she saw!

Like the original Lubor Fiedler boxes, there is a draw back that the envelopes cannot be examined, and so in close-up setting, it is best to use this as a quickie and put the envelopes away and move on to another trick.  despite being quick, the effect is memorable.

New with instructions.

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