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Miracle Dowsing Rods -- TENYO T-280

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Regular Price: $19.95
Save: $5.00
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Qty: 1   

2018 was a great year for Tenyo releases, after a number of years (too many) when the annual additions to the Tenyo line were hit or miss.   2018 was mostly hits.   (in my humble opinion)   Among the goodies released in 2018 was this very handy device, the Miracle Dowsing Rod.

Most layment are familiar with the concept of Dowsing rods, and if not, they are easily brought up to speed with a quick explanation, as you show two simple pieces of bent wire, which can be fitted loosely into a small black holder.  The wires swing freely in the holes in the holder.

A $20 bill is hidden in one of four opaque black envelopes, and $1 bills are hidden in the other three. (The bills can be, and should be, borrowed)  The spectator mixes the envelopes until even she (and definitely the magician) does not know which envelope holds the $20.   The magi deals the four envelopes onto the table, or hands them to four spectators to hold (if working without a table).  He then takes his trust dowsing rods, and moves them near each envelope.  By three envelopes, the rods, register no activity.  But near one of the envelopes, the rods move outward from each other, and then back again -- as if pushed by some unseen psychic force.   The envelope is opened and contains the $20 bill.

I particularly like this prop because it can be used in other psychic demonstrations, any time you need to reveal something in an eerie and memorable way.  The Dowsing rod prop is completely self-contained, and requires nothing extra to be animated by you -- completely under your control at all times.

Suggested retail is $24, which the effect is worth, but a few online retailers have been selling it for less, so I will, too.

Comes with package and instructions  in Japanese --  English instruction sheets are available on a free download, but I will included a printed set in English for you, and save you the trouble)

Brand new and unused, sealed in original package


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