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Find the King Monte (jumbo) -- like Onosaka TONTE

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This is very clean throughout, with no funny moves, and yet the cards change in an incredible manner at the end.    And it is especially effective when done with these Jumbo cards.   

You show three jumbo cards,  two black tens and a King of hearts.  After a quick monte sequence to ”find the king”, the three cards are seen to ALL be tens.  Another King of hearts is removed from the magician’s jacket pocket (or from a few extra cards laying on the table), and added to the Tens.   Another monte sequence, and again, the four cards end up being tens.  The KH again is in the pocket.   Five cards is too many for anyone to play monte with, so one Ten is set facedown on the table.  The other four cards are mixed, and when the tabled card is shown, it is a ten, but the other four cards are all KINGS, spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds!!   

Cards are seen face and back throughout this very clever and deceptive routine.  Not hard to do, but will take practice to learn the sequence and smooth out the performance.    

Brand new, with instructions.  


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