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Common Scents -- update on Lorraine classic

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This is a fun close up divination effect based on Sid Lorraine's classic Drink trick.  This version will appeal to your female audience members, but maybe not to their boyfriends and husbands, depending on how much you play it up.   What does that mean?  Well, read on...

You show a packet of seven cards, each showing a silhouette bottle of a famous perfume, with the name of the fragrance below the bottle.   (Guys may not know all these perfumes, but most women know them all.)   You give the cards a mix, and let the spectator cut the packet a few times.  You then fan the cards (faces down) and she freely chooses a card.  If she doesn't like that particular scent, she can replace that card and choose another.  Once she has a fragrance she likes, you hand the other cards to another spectator (or table them), turn your head away, and ask her to rub the card on her inner wrists, and below her earlobes.  When she has done this, she replaces the card in the packet and mixes them.   Now you turn back to her, and recap that you can have no way of knowing her fragrance, but by using heightened sensory perception, you will identify the fragrance she chose.   You gently lift her hand, and bring her wrist to your nose.  Unsure, you must move in close to her neck.   (This is when the boyfriend may stop the show...)   Having used your heightened sense of smell, you compliment her on choosing the perfect scent for her unique beauty -- and you name the scent she chose.

Of course, you do not need to be quite so flirty with your presentation, but for the right group of ladies, it can be a ton of fun.   Even when played straight, you can always identify the chosen perfume.  Easy to do.

I wish the pictures of the perfume bottles were more colorful, etc, but the black silhouettes do have a certain mysterious appeal.  The backs of the cards are blank, which eliminates any possibility of marked cards, thus heightening the feat.

Brand new with instructions.    HARD TO FIND THIS ONE NOW.  I have one left!


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