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Sword Illusion PIRATE -- the BEST pocket trick ever

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THIS IS THE PIRATE VERSION OF THIS NIFTY AND AMAZING POCKET EFFECT -- it is also available now with a Space Alien instead of Pirate on the graphics    (check our other listings for the Alien version if you would rather go with the updated version on this one.)

I first saw this wonderful pocket illusion years ago.  At that time, the trick was no longer being made, and it was nearly impossible to obtain one, because those who owned one would never part with it.

But now, it is being made once again, and this recent version looks and works just like the classic.  As I recall, the originals were made with a metal case, and this new version uses a plastic case, but it looks and feels and works just as well.    (You can see how big it is, next to the poker sized card case -- card case not included or needed, just there for scale)

You will not believe my description, so google Magic Sword Puzzle, and watch for about 1 minute.  Then come back here and buy one.     What it looks like:  you show a small round case, with a clear cover.  Inside is a small pivoting sword, which can be moved up or down using a simple push-lever on the outside of the case.  Spectator can push the level back and forth to see that it causes the sword to chop up and down.   (It really does -- nothing tricky here).   There is also a small key hanging from a small chain attached to the case.   The key can be inserted into a hole in the case and cover, and it goes in the top and comes out the bottom, right next to the sword.   Obviously this will block the chop of the sword... or it should.   But when the lever is pushed, the sword blade still chops!  Up and down, right through the solid key!!   

What makes this so very good, is that the key is solid, the sword is solid, the key is really through the entire case, top to bottom, and the spectator can even push the lever herself!  The solid sword will still go through the solid key, that is actually blocking its path.

Oh yeah, last reason that this is so amazing:  it does not come with any instructions.  You do not need any.  It is completely self-contained, and it works itself, without you even knowing how it works!

(I told you that you would not believe me when I described it!)

Vintage originals of this effect sell for $100+ if and when they come up for auction.  This recent re-make has frequently been sold by other dealers for $15 (and worth it!)    But you can get it here for less!

AGAIN, this is the PIRATE version of this trick -- not the Alien version. 

Brand new, (with no instructions, because you won't need them!   You will fool yourself before you begin to fool all your friends and audiences!)  

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