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Squicle Change Bag -- square bag turns round

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This is a neat version of the classic Gag Bag effect.   But unlike the Gag Bag (in which a bag changes color many times), this bag actually changes its shape!    

You start out showing a small square cloth bag (it is 7 inches by 7 inches).   An audience helper can reach inside and take out the four small (5"x5") squares of colored cloth.    Your helper puts them back into bag, and says the magic word "Squircle!"    She reaches back into the back and pulls out the cloths, but now finds they are all joined together into one larger circle of cloth.  You immediately turn the bag inside out to show it is totally empty.   You have the helper says Squircle again, and when you turn the bag rightside out again, it is seen that the bag is now a circle, too!

Lots of fun for kids.   The bag is nicely made.   The cloth circle and squares are not silk -- they are simple cotton cloth.  But they work fine for this trick (and will last longer and look better longer than if they were silk.)

Brand new and unused with complete instructions.

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