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Metal Card Guard with Prediction --devil design, set of TWO

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Online Price

Original Price: $19.95
Save: $8.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

I was not a big fan of card guards when they hit the magic market.   BUT, then, someone got the great idea of adding a prediction to the guard.  So you take it out, and explain that it keeps your cards from warping, etc, so that you can do the highly sensitive sleight of hand that is necessary to fool an highly intelligent audience like this one, etc etc etc.   Have a card selected -- I use the cross-cut force, and then let the time misdirection occur while I explain the importance of the card guard.   Then ask the name of the card selected.  It is the Seven of clubs.  Now turn over the card guard to show the same card is imprinted on the guard. 

For me, this suddenly made this prop worthwhile!  It not only served a purpose of protecting the deck, but had a built-in trick to go with it.  And for some reason, a prediction that is printed on metal seems more impressive than one printed on paper.  Go figure!

But why do I need TWO?  Well, read on...    

I discovered another advantage to using a card guard -- it made simple deck switches much more effective.  After doing a card trick, you re-case the deck, put on the special card guard, and pocket the deck.  A few tricks later, you take out the deck again, remove the guard and go into another trick.  But it is a different deck with a duplicate card guard.   The simple addition of the card guard -- the act of repeating the taking it off the card case when the deck is re-introduced -- creates an unconscious connection in the spectator's mind.  A sort of retention of memory/logic that this is the same deck.

Of course, card guards can be expensive, so having a duplicate for your deck switches can add up.   But I found this card guard at a great close-out price, so I'm offering them in sets of two.  And the price is less than most single card guards.   

See the photos for the design -- a grinning devil on a Bicycle-like back on one side -- the other side has a stylized Ace of Spades and mirror writing of the word "Devil".  The edge has a prediction of the 7H.    (Deck shown in photos is NOT included)


You get TWO matching card guards for each lot purchased.     No instructions included, but you know how to use these.

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