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ESP Brain cards (50) --with exclusive TMGS routines

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These card were produced by Ray Piatt, as refills to go with his Caper Case.   If you have a Caper Case (lucky you!  they are very hard to find now), well, you can use these cards as refills, just as Ray intended them to be used.   But if you don't have a Caper Case, but you do find these cards to be totally cool (like I do), then you can still use them for some cool close-up mental effects.

I wrote up four of my favorite ways to use these cards, and along with the 50 cards, you will get that instruction sheet.  It details a version of the classic Mental Choice effect (but one that will fool other magicians), another very clean prediction of which of six cards will be freely chosen, a way to use the cards for a center tear, and a routine using the cards along with the Bagshawe/Larson/Cummings "Out to Lunch" principle.

effect 1 -- Four brain cards are removed from an envelope, and they are placed on the table, showing that each brain is a different color.   Red, yellow, blue and green.   The spectator chooses one card in a very fair manner.   The magi now explains that each person's brain has one of four primary orientations, represented by these four colors:  red -- impulsive and passionate, blue -- intellectual and measured, green -- driven and success oriented, or yellow --creative and adventurous.   Let's say the spectator has chosen Green.  After some quick cold reading, you also show that inside the envelope is a prediction, that she would select green.     

effect #2  -- spectator thinks of a single word which is important to her at this time in her life.  She writes it on the brain area of a brain card, and folds the card so that her thought is hidden inside the folded card.   The magi tears the card into small pieces, but explains that although the written thought is destroyed, it can never be erased from her mind.  After concentrating, the magi reads her mind, and names the thought-of word.

effect #3 --  like effect # 1, but this time, there are six different colored brain cards in a line on the table.  The spectator rolls an invisible die, and counts to the card at that place in line.   This is the exact color predicted by the magi.   No spelling or other less convincing methods of getting to the card.   Uses a different, but equally effective, method from effect #1.  

effect #4-- using the wonderful Out to Lunch principle, you show a blank Brain card at the face of a stack of brain cards.  The spectator signs her name on the card, and it is placed on the table facedown.  She signs the back also.  Now she chooses a card from a regular deck of cards (or from an ESP symbol deck), and the chosen card appears in the brain section of the card.  Her signature is still on both sides!   (The photo shows a Star appearing in the brain)

NOTE:  you will get 50 cards, which are all black and white printing.  They are not colored like in one of the photos -- those cards have been colored by me for the Mental Choice trick using the cards.  But the instructions walk you through how to make a set that looks just like this.     I will even include a few of the envelopes shown in the photo, so you will not have to find those when you make up the effect.

New and unused.   You get 50 brain cards, a few envelopes, and the exclusive TMGS instructions.

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