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Mini ESP Card set -- 12 cards -- six symbols, two of each

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Save: $2.00
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Qty: 1   

Here's two sets of small ESP symbol cards (about 1.5 inches by 2 inches), which each include six symbols -- the standard five (circle, star, cross, waves, and square) plus it also has a triangle.  Each symbol is printed in a different color which doesn't really matter, but somehow makes the effect more impressive to lay people. 

You get instructions to show you how to read the secret markings on the back of the cards, but no routine is included.   You can use them for predictions, or use the markings to do "matching the cards" type effects.   Any effect using five or ten regular ESP cards could be done with these. 

You get 12 cute little ESP cards (two sets of 6 symbols) and instructions onthe marked backs.  

NOTE:  The US quarter in the picture is not included, just there to give you a sense of scale for these cute little ESP cards!

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