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Card Pip Rubber Band set -- 2 of each suit, plus bonus

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Online Price

Regular retail: $9.95
Save: $6.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

Here's a fun way to reveal a selected card.   
Have a card selected from the deck -- (let's say it is the Two of Hearts).  The selection is genuinely lost in the deck, and two rubber bands are wrapped around the deck to secure it.  The banded deck is set on the table.   After an unsuccessful attempt to divine the name of the chosen card, you ask the spectator to take the bands off the deck.  When she does, she discovers that the two rubber bands are shaped like Hearts.  They are put on the table as you announce the chosen card is the Two of Hearts!
(If you want to go further with this, and you do a good card to wallet routine, you could then discover the chosen 2H in your wallet!  -- that is a different trick, and not included, but could be a nice kicker to the revelation)

Or if you use an ESP deck, you can have one card selected (the Star), and then mention the rubber band (that was holding the ESP pack together) is psychic -- it predicted your choice.  Show the band is now shaped like a star!

These band sets are normally sold with one of each shape, but since I think it is more visual and funny to reveal a Two than an Ace with the band shapes, I am selling two sets together.   But priced only slightly more than a single set, because I am such a nice guy.   :-)

Note:  the "Clubs" rubber bands do not work very well in my opinion.  See the photo -- they don't open out as readily, and even when opened out they don't look as good as the other suits.   Use the other suits, but don't expect much from the Clubs, okay?   Okay.

Also Note:  the spades and clubs are not black bands -- they were made in the same red color as the hearts and diamonds.   While black would have been better, I have found no less impact from laypeople when I reveal the 2 of Spades with the red rubber bands.  I think people expect rubber bands to be red, so they accept that the "normal" red rubber bands have magically shaped themselves into Spades to match the selection.

You get two of each suit, and two Star shaped bands in each lot you buy.    If you want to reveal a four of spades, you will need to get two lots, but no extra postage for any additional lots.   Even if you buy five lots, to reveal the ten of diamonds!   :-) 

Brand new.  No instructions, but use the ideas above, and also you will think of many ways to use these. 

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