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Card Stab revelation knife -- sharp magic!

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Regular retail: $11.95
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This is a nice way to bring some additional interest to your card magic set.  Because it introduces a familiar "ordinary" item that most people do not associate with a deck of cards -- it is a small knife (very closely styled like the famous and iconic Swiss Army knives).  The knife is about 2.5 inches long, similar in size to the keychain Swiss Army knives that mos people have seen.   Like its famous cousin, this little knife has not just a blade, but some scissors, tweezers, toothpick and file.  (Note: these extra tools are mostly for show and to give the knife more authentic flavor -- they are not really made to function very well.)
The routine that comes with the knife involves finding a selected card while the deck is inside a brown paper bag.  the deck is put in the bag, shook up, and the knife is jabbed into the side of the bag, then ripped upwards -- it has the selected card stabbed onto the blade. 
That routine is pretty good, but I prefer to do a more standard card stab routine.   (this is not in the instructions, but if you know a simple card stab method, you can adapt for use with this knife).     
 I like to say that my little army knife has so many uses, even helping me with my card magic.  I have two cards selected and lost in the deck.   I pull out the blade on my knife and stab it into the edge of the squared deck.  Lifting the packet above the blade, I turn it faceup to show one of the selected cards immediately above the blade!   "But wait, there's more.  The other card is underneath the knife!"   The card beneath the blade (top of the bottom half) is turned up, and... ugh, it is not the seoncd selection.   After the spectator names her card (the 3 of spades), you smile and show the other side of the knife, which reads "Three of Spades". 
Got a great close-out deal on this item, and so you can get it here at a great price.  Usually sells for about $17.   Get it here for less!
Brand new with instructions for the "in the bag" routine.

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