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Four Flusher (David Solomon) -- poker packet

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A straightforward packet poker routine.  Showing four clubs and a spade, the magi explains that a crooked gambler might try to claim this is a flush in a fast, loose game.  But it is only a "Four Flush" so don't fall for this gamblers ruse.  But even worse is the cheater who can switch in winning cards at will -- the four flush almost instantly changes into four aces.  (It is a super clean change!)   But the magician does a secret magic move, and the cards are now his own winning hand -- a royal flush in spades.  

The cards are seen front and back at the end, so the finish has a very clean look and feel.  No cards are removed or added throughout the routine.  Typical good gaffed card thinking from David Solomon.

Brand new and unused (opened for photo), with instructions.

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