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Mental Die Divination -- brass box and brass die

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I first started doing this effect in the 1970's using the "Zenith Mental Die" from Tannens.  The trick’s only drawback was that the gimmick allowed you to narrow the chosen number down to two possibilities, and some fishing was necessary to divine the final number.    In the late 1980's or early 1990's, Chazpro put out an enhanced version (called "Die-Cypher"), which solved the problem, allowing you to know (without fishing) exactly which number was facing up inside the opaque box.   This version also has that enhanced feature.  

THE EFFECT:   a small brass box is shown and handed out for examination.   A die (which is also brass) is then shown and examined. The die just fits snugly into the box, and when the lid is on, it is impossible to see what number is uppermost. Unless you are a mentalist with X-ray clairvoyance.   While you are not looking, the spectator puts the die in the box, remembering which number is uppermost, and then puts on the lid. You turn back to the audience, hold the box to your forehead for a second, and put it back on the table. You then announce the correct number!  

The effect is quite amazing, because it can be repeated immediately, and then repeated again (and again and again...though even the most curious spectator might get bored at that point!   But no worry about that!    Included with the prop is my audience-approved, 4-phase routine that I have used for years, which raises the mystery with each repeat.)

This prop is great looking -- very classy!   The method is super-subtle, and it takes just a moment to discern the number -- you do it in full view of the audience.   In my humble opinion, this is one of close-up mental magic's most deviously ingenious mysteries!

Brand new with my exclusive TMGS instructions for a 4-phase routine with progressively more impressive divinations at each phase.    (These TMGS instructions also include my practice tip that will make it easy to master this trick while watching TV!)

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