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Three Shell Game -- nice looking set

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These shells are good looking and handle well for the standard 3-shell game moves and steals.  They are made out of a soft plastic -- solid but with a bit of give, and a "shell-like" matte finish.     You get five rubber "peas" so you will have extras in case you lose the little bugger during a gig.     

The instructions provided are adequate and give details on the basic handling, but you will probably want to augment these with more in depth information from the many books and videos available to learn the three -shell game.  But once you know the basic moves, you quickly see how to mix and match them into an impressive 3-shell routine.

I remember when i first learned to do the 3-shell game -- I was about 16 years old, and I was amazed that it was so easy.  That is not to say you won't have to practice to get smooth and confident with the shells, but while the secret maneuvers seem like they should be very difficult, most of them are almost automatic.   So don't let fear of difficulty hold you back... (Because it's not that difficult!)

Brand new with instructions

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