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Mind Surf -- Dan Harlan`s B`wave variation

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Ever since Phil Goldstein (Max Maven) took the Parade of Kings effect, updated it with a blank faces kicker ending, and called it B'Wave, many other magicians have tried to find the next step in the small packet Brainwave plot.   There have a been a number of good ones.   Most have advantages (and all have disadvantages) over the Goldstein B'wave, and none has really proven worthy enough of supplanting Goldstein's B'wave.

I do think, however, that Mind Surf has a lot going for it, and I do like it better than the original B'Wave for a couple of reasons.   But before I share these preferences, let's look at the effect:

A small vinyl wallet, decorated with card pips, is shown and placed on the table.  The magi explains that inside are four cards -- one of each suit.   The spectator is asked to name any suit -- it is a completely free choice.   The wallet is opened to show a small packet of cards.  With no false moves, the four card packet is spread (there are really only four cards), and one card is seen to be facedown among the other three faceup cards (Kings).   The named suit is not one of the faceup cards.  The face of the facedown card is shown, and it is not only the chosen suit, but it is not a King -- it is an ACE.    

Note: there are only four cards, and no other cards in the wallet (truly!)  Only four cards are used.  No equivoque or force of any kind.

So why do I like this better than B'wave?    1)   the climax does not involve blank face cards but instead, the selected card has a different card value from the rest.   Although I do not think spectators necessarily find blank face cards suspicious as a magical climax, I do think that the climax of a different value is more "normal" to lay audiences.   And,  2)  the clever design on the outside of the wallet makes it easy and sure-fire that you will always remove the packet in the proper orientation for a successful finish.  The spectator names the suit and you immediately know (without any memory work or extra thought) exactly how to hold the card packet.

One thing to also note:  the reversed (chosen) card is not a different color back than the rest of the cards -- this aspect of Parade of Kings/B'wave plot is not retained.  But the reversal and different face are strong enough to assure the audience that you truly can predict their choice.

You may never stop performing Glodstein's B'wave, but you should give Harlan's Mind Surf a try.  I think you will like it.  A lot!

  Brand new with instructions. 


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