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STARS -- Gordon Beans Patriotic packet

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When I first got STARS by Gordon Bean and Larry Horowitz, I didn't think it had much magic in it, and decided (wrongly) to keep it only for my magic collection -- not for my performing repertoire.   But shortly after filing STARS away in my packet collection storage box, I was at one of my strolling magic gigs, and there was a table of US Veterans.  I got to thinking that Stars would be a great interlude to show them, as a thank you for their service. 

Of course I didn't have it with me for that gig...  but I now carry it in my shirt pocket for all my table hopping and strolling gigs.  I don't do it at every table, but if I come across any veterans, I add it to the set.   And the response is always great, way out of proportion to the simple handling and effect.

The effect:   magi shows four special cards that have big white stars on a blue field.  They have this same design on both sides.  "In life we see a lot of people as "Stars" -- actors, sports figures, sometimes a co-worker, or maybe a family member.   Sometimes, it seems like almost everybody's a Star."    As this is said, one of the large stars seems to split into a bunch of little stars (still on the blue background).   "But I always like to remember who the real Stars are."    Now the four cards are dealt onto the table and they have become a US Flag.  "The men and women who honor and defend our country.    Thank you for your service."

The whole thing takes about 1 minute to perform.  And for the right audience, it is remembered and appreciated more than a perfect performance of Rollover Aces  :-)      Stars is very easy to do -- just one counting sequence that (technically speaking) is a sleight, but is not hard to do at all.    And advanced cardworkers will have fun working out more complex handlings.

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