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Jumbo Half Dollar CHROME -- 2.75 inch, heavy and bright

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I have always loved using the Jumbo sized coins for big finishes to coin routines.  The appearance of a super-sized coin always gets both gasps and smiles from lay audiences.    But I always wished that the jumbo coins typically available to magicians were better quality -- the jumbo halves tended to get dull and gray after a few performances.

Well, now I have found the shiny, bright, high quality jumbo Half dollars that I have wanted for so long.    These jumbo coins are chrome-plated and will retain that bright shiny look, no matter how often you use it.  (And you will use it a LOT!)  

The coin is 2.75 inches in diameter (a bit smaller than some of the lower quality 3 inch coins you may have seen), but they are just as impressive when produced, and a tiny bit easier to conceal and palm for being a bit smaller.   They also have reeded edges like a real Half Dollar does.  (This also aids in palming).    The detail on both front and back (obverse and reverse, to use coin collector lingo) is excellent, and the coins have a nice weight to them which your spectator will feel when you drop this coin into her hand!

I hope I have done this beautiful close-up prop justice in my description.   Do yourself a favor and get one of these for your coin routine climax.  You will be glad you did.

Brand new, ONE coin -- photo shows two coins, so you can see heads and tails. 

No instructions -- you will need to work out how to incorporate it into your routines.   

(NOTE AGAIN: photo shows TWO coins -- one heads, one tails.    You get ONE coin for each lot purchased.   Also, the deck of cards in the photo is just a prop to help you gauge the size of the coin.  It is NOT included.) 

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