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HILFORD, Book of Numbers vol. 3 (Tuamautef)

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SOFTBOUND.  MINT. 2006 first edition. by DOCC HILFORD (published by Docc Co.)
Five routines for stand-up mentalism.   The material is typical Hilford, well-thought-out, well-routined, and for the most part, very practical.    Although Hilford discusses his theory of Real Time mentalism in the beginning of the book, most of these routines require props and so are not really impromptu.   But most can be done with simple props you can obtain at  an office supply store
I especially likeFlare Optico, which involves an old numbers effect from Blacktones Magic book, updated to use Flash Cards -- you can divine mentally thought of numbers and totals of numbers.  Also Special Delivery which is a solid performance piece where you psychically find a randomly chosen member of the audience.  
The book also includes a very detailed write-up on Hilford's triple prediction (a la Mental Epic, but without a gimmicked chalkboard).  
It doesn't get any detail on the back cover, but there is an extra effect included in the book -- a strong serial number divination from a borrowed bill.

This booklet has a suggested list price of $45, and like most of Hilford's excellent booklets, you can find it selling for about half the cover price.  So despite the fact that the material between the covers is worth the price Hilford printed on the book, we'll sell it for less.


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