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The Lottery Card -- Peter Eggink

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How do I find the selected card?  Let me count the ways...      Just added one more good way to the long list, because Peter Eggink has produced a unique and charismatic specially printed gaff that allows the magician to apparently scratch off the ink on the back of the card, revealing the name of the chosen card underneath.  It looks just like when you play one of those scratch-off lotto tickets.

As taught in the instructions, the spectator selects a card, and then the back of the same (selected) card is "scratched off" to reveal its name underneath the back design.   The card is then magically restored to normal.

I actually prefer to do it a bit differently.  I have a card selected and held by one spectator, and then you turn to another spectator and say if they are very lucky, they can pull out a card that will reveal the name of the chosen card.   "For example, maybe if she picked the Two of Hearts, you would pick out the Two of Diamonds.  That sort of thing."    As you let the second spectator choose a card from the deck, don't forget to do your best Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry impression and say, "Do you feel lucky?  Well, do ya, punk?"    (Or for young bar and table hopping crowds, if a gal picks the first card, and a guy is picking the second card, I sometimes ask her if she think he will "get lucky" tonight.)    Anyway, he pulls a card from the deck and you turn it faceup on the deck.   The first spectator says it doesn't have any relation to her card at all.  That is when you turn it facedown, and say it is a lucky card, scratch off the back to show a message that reveals her chosen card!

To be clear, the card is not actually scratched.  But the printing and action make it look very convincing, and you do not have to worry about getting refills, etc.    The trick comes with TWO of the gaffs, so you can have a different card for repeat performances.

Brand new with instructions.  (Use with your own Blue Backed Bicycle poker deck)

 Usually sells for about $20-$23, but get it here for less!

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