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Your Card Is...(Magic Tao) --signed card reveal

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I started magic in the 1970's and so like all magicians of that era, I performed a lot of small packet card magic.  (I still do.  It is still very strong for lay audienced, packing lots of miracles into a compact set of props and space.)   So I still take a look at any new packet-based card magic that comes out.   And here is one of the good ones recently released from Grant Maidment and Magic Tao.

The effect looks like this:   a card is selected and signed, then lost into the pack.  The pack is tabled as you bring out four cards from your jacket pocket.   The cards are counted faceup and seen to be four (4) six of diamonds.  (Card value may be different, but if it four cards of the same value).   The packet is turned facedown.  You shake the packet and now one of the cards has turned faceup.  Another shake and you count the cards to show two faceup and two facedown.   Another shake and you spread out the packet to show three faceup and only one facedown.  Finally, you shake it one more time, and show all four cards faceup.   Then you set the four faceup cards on the spectator's palm and ask her to say the magic words, "I find magicians irresistible" (or maybe just "abracadabra").   You cleanly spread the four cards on her palm, and she sees one has turned facedown among the other three.  

Now the big finish:    You pick up one of the faceup cards, and turn it over.  Its back has changed to a completely different color, and it says (in Sharpie) "YOUR".    You pick up another faceup card and show its back -- another completely different color, and the word "SIGNED".  Pick up the last faceup card, and show its back has also changed color and it says "CARD" with and arrow that points to the facedown card in the spectator's hand!  She will be afraid to look!  But she does and finds her chosen signed card.

Bonus effect:  also explained is a small packet twist routine with color changing back climax and no selected card revelation, so you can carry just the small packet if you prefer.

One complaint from me:  if you write the words for the Your Signed Card routine on the card backs, you cannot use the cards for the other bonus routine.  A shame that Magic Tao did not provide two sets of the colorful cards.  But they are normal cards with colorful backs, so you could use any three different card back designs or colors (as long as faces are identical).    I took some Jokers from a few of those colorful Bicycle decks.

Routine is NOT sleight-free.  It includes a half-pass, but don't let that scare you away, since it is not as difficult with a small packet and this routine will help you learn it.   Other needed sleight that should not scare you away is a palm.  But this is well-covered in misdirection, and another sleight that this routine can help you learn.  Of course you will also need to know that famous British nobleman, Count Elmsley.  :-)    DVD teaches all needed sleights

You will need to practice, but still highly recommended.  Brand new with colorful cards and DVD instructions.

Usually sells for about $25, but get it here for less.

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