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Super Pocket Guillotine -- Vienna Magic

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Very hard to find now, and definitely the best see-through finger chopper ever made.  Better than Tenyo's see-through Guillo, in my humble opinion.  Looks and works better than any of them, and this is the original Vienna Magic item -- not one of the inferior quality copies that were made at one point and did not work very well.

This chopper is completely examinable and can be "set" right under the spectator's noses.  Try to figure it out before you read the instructions... I bet you will never find how it is gimmicked.

Effect is classic:  use the chopper to cut paper or thin carrot, etc, and then put the spectator's finger through the hole.  Smash it down and it penetrates the finger without harm.  Then WHILE HER FINGER IS STILL IN THE CHOPPER, hand it to her for examination with the blade still below her finger!!   It will not come up without her removing her finger, and of course will not penetrate the finger if tried again.

Cannot recommend this one enough.  Only have one of these, found in an estate lot.  It is apparently unused, and had original package.  Plastic cover of packaging is stapled to the cardboard backing, but Guill can be removed without hurting package any more.  Instructions seem to be a photocopy, but may be as it issued(?)

Last sales of this item that I could find online were over 10 years ago.  It simply does not come up often.   Do not miss it.

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