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Crazy Dice (Tricks, Co. Ltd. Japan) -- English package

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A vintage Tricks, Co item, based on Tenyo's classic What's Next spot card.    This version was released by Tricks, Co in the 1970's and has not been available for about 35 years.

In essence, it is a sqaure-shaped, shrunken version of What's Next, and because it is square, the optical illusion of seeing extra faces of a die (as the card is turns over four times) is superior to the illusion created by the rectangular What's next apparatus.   If you are unfamiliar with the effect, it goes like this:

a square plaque (about 4 inches on each side) is shown -- it looks like a flattened die, with a single spot on the face.  The plaque is turned over to show the reverse side, and there are four spots on that side, then it is turned again to show three spots, and once again turned to show six spots.   This may briefly fool the audience, but then they see that it is just an optical illusion, as your fingers are covering different parts of the plaque, sometimes showing spots and sometimes hiding them.   But in the end, the card is shown to actually have three on one side, and six on the other.

Unlike the Tenyop What's Next effect, this does not have the added climax of eight spots on a side.  but it is still a great little effect and even more, a hard to find collectable from the beginning years of Tricks Co, Ltd.  

 Originally a pocket trick that sold for a few bucks (the box has a $6.95 price sticker on it from the 1970's), this item is very rare now. This one is brand new, in ENGLISH box with original instructions. The props are in MINT condition, the instructions and box have some age discoloration, but are untorn and intact.    Collectors, don't hesitate!   


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