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Lady Godiva Lends a Hand (Paul Diamond, 1970s)

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A very different card revelation, vintage new-old dealer inventory from the 1970s or early 1980's -- but in like new condition, despite being close to 40 years old.    Paul Diamond and Kirk Stiles put together this slightly naughty (tame by today's standards) card effect, in which the famous naked horserider, Lady Godiva, makes an appearance.

The routine as described has the Lady Godiva card appear in the deck you are using, but as the specially printed card is from a bridge-size Fox Lake deck, (which most of us no longer have or use, even if we do have one), I will describe the effect using the Godiva card as a separate prediction:

Magician puts a prediction card facedown on the table, and then has a card selected from his ordinary deck.  The card is shuffled back into the deck by the magician and he then draws attention to prediction card.  "Many magicians worry about what we call 'exposure' -- that is where magic secrets are exposed to the world.  In this case, to find your card, I need to call upon someone who became famous through exposure."  Turn the card faceup to show Lady Godiva, naked on her horse, only covered by her flowing hair.   You tell the spectator that if he wants to see everything, he should brush aside her hair.  When he does this (the hair is a separate piece that is removable), Lady Godiva's modesty is still protected by a sign she holds.  It says, "You ought to see the BOTTOM!"    The magi offers to show "the bottom...of the deck, that is!"    He turns the deck faceup and the chosen card is there on the bottom of the deck.

Not super-puzzling miracle magic, but fun, and definitely different.  

Here's an original set that Paul Diamond put out back in the late 1970's, still in new and unused condition, with original instructions, extra hair gimmicks and packaging envelope.

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