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Horoscope (Magic Tao) -- sign and card prediction

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Lay audiences love tricks using their horoscope, because even for people who do not believe in astrology, there is an inherent interest in the idea that a persons personality and destiny can be encapsulated in a reading of the cosmos.

HOROSCOPE by Chris Congreave makes it easy to predict the star sign of a total stranger, and also adds a lucky card prediction to the routine.  The effect builds and ends with a strong, impressive finish.


After doing a card trick or two, the magi turns the discussion to astrology, and he ask one spectator what sign she is.  (Let's say she says "Scorpio").    He claims there has always been a strong influence between playing cards and astrology, and he would like to show exactly what he means.   Then the magi takes an envelope from his pocket, and from it he removes two things:  a folded up page torn from a magazine, and a single playing card.  Saying the playing card is a prediction, he slides it back into the envelope.    He asks the spectator to choose a card from the deck and hold onto it.      Unfolding the torn-out page, it is seen to be one fo those monthly astrology forecasts.  He reads the spectator's sign info to her, and she will (perhaps) find it fitting.    She shows the card she chose -- the 6 of clubs.  Thje magi cleanly removes the single card from the envelope, and it is the 6 of clubs.  But more impressive is that on the face of the card, handwritten, is the spectator's sign -- Scorpio!    The final (redundant, but for some reason impressive) climax comes when the spectator re-reads her horoscope and it says at the end of Scor pio, "Your lucky card is the 6 of clubs".


Everything is examinable.  The lucky card is different for each star sign.  There is not secret writing or pocket index work.  The routining is very smart and makes the whole thing almost easy to perform -- almost, as you will need to practice to do this smoothly, but it is not hard at all!


Add your own matching Bicycle deck and an ordinary envelope, and you can perform this as described above with what is supplied.  The DVD also explains a method where the precition card is found inside your zipped wallet.  This version requires that you also own a card-to-wallet wallet.  (And has a palm involved -- the above routine is palmless.)


You get two magazine pages -- one with humorous horoscope info, and one with more realistic "serious" horoscopes.   BONUS:  the reverse side of the magazine page has graphics for a travel add to Denmark, so you can follow up Horoscope by doing another prediction based on the classic "Gray Elephant of Denmark" trick (which is taught on the DVD).


Comes with magazine pages, DVD instructions and RED backed Bicycle cards.     You will need a matching red back Bicycle deck, and an ordinary opaque envelope.  (If you want to do the version with the prediction card in a wallet, you will also need a card to wallet -- TMGS sells a couple of excellent ones!)


Brand new and unused, with DVD instructions.    Normally sells for $40-$50, but get it here for less

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