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VIZ Escape -- close up penetration

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This is one of those "first tricks I ever learned" tricks which still impresses an audience of lay people.  (I t will fool a lot of magicians, too, but they won't admit it since it is a "beginner's" trick!)

Three simple props are used -- a brass fastener, a cardboard sleeve, and a plastic slide (that looks like a black tongue depressor with a hole in the center).   I hand these out for examination, each piece to a different spectator -- they check 'em out and then I show how the slide can be placed into the sleeve, and locked in place with the fastener.  Having done this, one of the spectators is challenged to remove the slide from the sleeve.  After they give up, I simply remove the fastener and take out the slide.  "That's the only way to do it!"    Groans from the disappointed audience, as I re-assemble it, fastening the slide back in the sleeve again.    "Oh, you mean you wanted me to do it by magic?"   I let the spectator tug on the slide to be sure that it is locked in place.   Then without any false moves, I slowly pull the slide out of the sleeve, right through the fastener!   It is a very visual escape...   (Hey, so that's where the odd name VIZ Escape comes from!)

Since I always want to give my customers more, I will also include a tip sheet on doing VIZ Escape using a real dollar bill instead of the plastic slide.   The trick is the same, but I have found that audiences are more impressed to see it done with real money.    

Brand new with the three props (fastener, sleeve and slide -- NOT the $5 bill that is in the picture!).  Plus instructions and extra TMGS tip sheet.  

A great little $3 mystery!

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