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Back Off (Alakazam) -- all backs meets Triumph

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An interesting refinement on UF Grant's classic Cheek to Cheek method for the Triumph effect.  I say refinement rather than improvement because the difference may only be noticed by your fellow magicians at the club meeting performance.  (If they know the classic Cheek-to-Cheek method, they wil be fooled by certain aspects of this routine.)    But for lay audiences, Back Off still does provide a strong magical triumph style revelation, with the additional bonus effect of the classic All Backs routine. 


It looks like this:   the magi shows a deck of cards, and explains that it was mis-printed at the factory.  He shows that the cards have backs on both sides.  One of these strange cards is handed to a spectator to examine, and then put back into the deck.   Suddenly the deck has developed faces on one side of the cards, and the magi claims he can now show his audience a card trick because the deck is now regulation with faces and backs.   He turns half the deck faceup, and shuffles it into the other facedown half.  Spreading the cards on the table, they are seen to be well-mixed, some faceup and some facedown.  The spectator chooses one card from the faceup cards, and she turns t facedown and places it anywhere in the spread.  The cards are squared up, and after a magical pass, they are again spread on the table,  They are all facedown now, except for one card -- the selected card.


Unlike the classic cheek-to-cheek deck, at the end of the routine, the faces of the cards can be casually shown also.  And the clean-up/reset is much,much faster and easy.


The instruction sheet includes a simpler routine called Tidy Up, if you wish to skip the "All backs" phase and just do a very clean and easy Triumph style revelation.      Normally sells for $18, but we got a good deal on a few, so get it here for less.


Brand new with instructions.  Comes with the necessary gaffed Bicycle Poker deck.

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