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Ninja Karate Coin -- mid-air finger stab thru coin

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A simple and quick, but very surprising feat on Ninja reflexes and strength!   Slip it into one of your favorite coin routines as a brief break from the real magic, to show that before you became a magician, you were training to become a Ninja.   

Show a half dollar, toss it into the air, and stab at it with your outstretched forefinger.   The coin ends up on the end of your finger, apparently pierced by your steel-like ninja-trained finger!  (see photo).    There are a number of different Karate Coins out on the market -- I think this one looks the coolest, as the coin is literally splintered into long, jagged shards, connected only around the rim.  This design dramatically enhances the climactic display on your fingertip.

I'll admit that the "magical moment" only lasts a few seconds -- the feat is so impossible that the spectators quickly realize that they have been tricked and so Karate Coin plays more like a gag than a piece of magic.  But lay audiences LOVE the gag, and for a brief instant, they are really surprised by what you have done.

Brand new with instructions

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