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Stand Up Assembly (Vernet) -- visual 4-ace routine

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I love when an old method or principle is re-applied by a contemporary magical performer (or inventor) to create something new and exciting.   Stand Up Assembly uses a simple (and relatively easy-to-do) method from the 1940's that allows for a clean and visual version of the classic 4-Ace trick that is perfect for small Club or living room shows.   The cards use a gimmick known to most magicians, but in an ingenious way that Joe Berg devised almost 3/4 of a century ago.

It looks like this, (really...exactly like this):

The magi shows an ordinary wine glass (borrowed if you can), and he places the Ace of Spades in the glass, facing the audience.  He then takes one indiffernt card from the top of the deck, holds it up to show it is not an Ace, and (without going back to the deck or any other switching place) he puts the card (still facing the audience so they know it is still the indifferent card) into the glass behind the Ace of Spades.  In exactly the same clean and direct manner, he puts two more indifferent cards in the glass.   (Again, these cards all go into the glass while they face the audience.  There is no switch).    Now the magi turns the top card of the deck faceup, showing it to be the Ace of Hearts.  It is turned facedown, and placed between a spectator's palms.  Going to another spectator, the magi turns a card faceup on top of the deck, showing the Ace of Clubs.  He turns it facedown, and places it between the second spectator's palms.   One more time, placing another Ace (of Diamonds) facedown between a third spectator's palms.   To finish, the spectators open their hands to find they now each hold an indifferent card (the same ones that were in the wineglass).   With completely empty hand, the magi picks up the four cards from the wine glass, and with one hand fan spreads them to show they are now four Aces!  The four Aces are counted from hand to hand, shown front and back.

Nothing is left out of that description.  It looks just like that.   I immediately added this to my smaller standup shows, because it requires almost no sleight of hand, and yet the audience gives you credit for doing the impossible.

Get this.  You will love it.     Brand new with instructions.

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