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Card to Wallet EZ load (jacket style) -- high quality leather

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This is a nicely designed Card in Wallet, made in the USA with very high quality materials by LeatherCraft.     It is designed very much like the JOL EZ Load Jacket Wallet, but you can get this one less than 1/2 the price!   (And don't worry if it will measure up to JOL quality!  You will LOVE the workmanship and materials of this wallet!)

The card in wallet effect is well-known, a staple in most professional magicians' repertoires, and the method used here is a favorite of many, many working pros.  A signed selected card vanishes from the deck, the magician takes his wallet from his jacket pocket, and the signed card is found inside a zippered compartment in the wallet.  The design of the wallet makes this very easy, (as long as you do not have palm-a-phobia....  The routine does require a simple top palm, but the card is easily loaded into the zippered pocket of the wallet).   When the wallet is taken from the pocket, there is no hesitation or hiccup -- the hand reaches in and brings out the wallet, and in that action, the card is loaded.

Because of the wallet's design, it is easy to load a signed selected card appear inside the zippered compartment.   Requires a palm of the selected card, but the load is soooo easy, and when the wallet is removed from your pocket, it can be encircled with a couple rubber bands, and then when opened, the zipper is undone, and the card is definitely removed from inside the zip compartment.  Very impressive.

Included is my own personal routine, which includes two comedy cards that lead to the final signed card revelation.   My routine looks like this:     a card is selected and signed and lost in the deck.   The magi takes out his wallet from his jacket pocket, and  it has two rubber bands around it.   Removing the rubber bands, magi draws attention to the snap pocket on the outside of the wallet (see picture).  Unsnapping it, there is a card (back outward) seen in the pocket.  "Would that amaze you if that was your card?"  Spectator says yes, and the clever magi takes out the card to show it says "Your Card" on it.   But he apologizes and says that her chosen signed card is really inside the wallet.  He opens the wallet and another card is seen in one of the credit card slots.  Taking it out, he turns it faceup, and it is NOT the chosen simply says "XYZ".    "You know what that means, don't you?  Examine Your Zipper!  Since my pants zipper seems to be okay, it must mean this zipper, in the wallet"  Very cleanly, he unzips the zipper, and pulls one card from the zipper compartment.  It is the signed chosen card.

Will include two blank face cards with red Bicycle back design.   You can write in the messages described above, or create your own messages.   Of course, the effect can be done without using the extra comedy cards. 

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