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Revelations Tee Shirt (Extra Large) -- Jay Sankey

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Reguar retail: $39.95
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Wearable magic.  It is always with you, and for one of the effects built-in to this tee shirt, you are always ready to go.  (Other effects require that you also have a deck of cards, or pad of paper and pencil, but they are also very close to completely impromptu.)   Jay Sankey says (on the instructional DVD) that he conceived of the Revelation tee shirt in a dream.   We can all be happy that he has shared his dreams with us, and judging from his weird and wild way of looking at things, we can be glad he keeps his nightmares to himself.

So what is the Revelations tee shirt?   Well, it is a good looking (modern hip design) tee shirt that can reveal three different cards.  It also has the old 1089 prediction printed on the back, and a version of Max Maven's "move your finger right/left/diagonally until you choose a symbol" effect.  (Sorry can't remember the name of that one...)   

The card revelations are done by folding the shirt so the design changes to resemble card values.  I have fun with this, first doing the Ace of Diamonds (which seems "easy" to spectators), then doing the Two of Hearts (which is a bit more complicated and impressive to the audience) and then asking for the third selected card's name.  When the spectator says 4 of Clubs, the entire audience starts to look at the design and try to figure out how it could ever be made to look like the Four of Clubs.  I milk this for a while, and then pull up the neck of the shirt, showing that the "care tag" is a miniature 4 of Clubs.  Big laugh there!    (The 4C care tag comes in the package separately, so you will have to sew it into the shirt)

I use the 1089 and Maven symbol tricks often because I don't need to have anything with me, just access to a pencil and paper.    These are my everyday wearable miracles, and I save the card reveals for scheduled, planned shows.

The shirt size we carry is XL -- I wash my shirt in cold water and hang it to dry, and it has not shrunk much at all.   The XL fits me, (I am 6'2", and about 195 pounds).  It is not overly long, so will work well for those not as tall as me.     I have not tried to shrink one of these, but I suspect if you toss it in the dryer, it will come down a size.  Having the tee a bit baggy and loose is helpful in doing the folded card reveals, and also more comfortable.  So I think even for magicians who are not as tall as me, the XL is still the best choice.   (If you buy a smaller size from somewhere else, and you wish it were bigger, don't say I didn't tell you so!)

Brand new with DVD instructions

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