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Out of Order -- strong, examinable Wild Card

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Cameron Francis has a winner with Out of Order.  It is a blank cards printing to match selections effect, so sort of like half Wild Card, half Universal Card.  The magic is visual and the climax is humorous, and all the cards are examinable at the end.

Magi shows seven blank cards, blank on both sides.  he sets three down in one pile, and three down in another pile.  The final blank card is given to the spectator to stab into a deck of cards, and the cards on each side of the stabbed blank are removed as selections.   (Let's sy they are the 10 of Spades, and Jack of Hearts).  The stab card is put under the rest of the deck, which is no longer needed.   The magi picks up the JH and inserts it into one of the blank card packets.  Then one-by-one, the blanks develop faces to match the JH, until there are four JHs.   The 10S is now put into the other packet, and the effect repeated...  except it doesnt work.  The blanks will not print.  The magi turns these blanks over to reveal why -- they all say OUT OF ORDER on the backs.   So instead the magi rubs the 10S on the other packet (the JHs) and shows that now those cards have 10S printed on their BACKS!

At that point, you do a mic drop and walk away, leaving all the cards to be examined.   Until you come back for your encore, which this routine will prompt  :-)

The handling involves a few well-known packet sleights, which are taught on the DVD if you don't happen to know them.  But most magi who have done any packet trick work will know the necessary sleights.   The use Ron Frost's funny "Out of Order" climax perfectly sets up the final printing on the backs, and makes that finish even more amazing.   Reasonably easy to reset.

Also comes with another very good effect using some of the cards, which (as Harry Lorayne would say) is worth the price of the DVD alone.  But since you already got one trick worth much more than this $10 price, you are making out like a bandit here.  Don't miss this!

Brand new, with necessary cards (use your own deck) and DVD instructions     (Comes with Out of Order triangle stickers that you need to apply to the blank cards, or you can just write Out of Order on the blank cards -- this is how Cameron Francis likes to do it.)

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