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Perfect Read (Jay Sankey) -- easy prediction

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Jay Sankey knows good, practical close-up magic, and finds a way to also make it unique and innovative.  Lucky for those of us who love mental effect, Sankey also frequently gravitates to magic of the mind when excercising his creative genius.   Perfect Read is a clean prediction effect using a bunch of business cards.  The method is simple, and will not fool many magicians, but will impress lay audiences because it appears so straightforward.

Mental magi shows about a dozen business cards he has collected in his travels from show prospects.  The cards are all different.  He asks the spectator to clear her mind, and he then writes a prediction on one of the cards, and sets it on the table facedown.  The other cards are shown faceup, and the spectator touches one.  This card is read aloud -- (let's say it is for the Faron Maro Restaurant in Paris, and shows a couple of wine glasses in its logo).    This card is shown to the spectators, and the others are re-shown revealing that they are very unsimilar.   Then the prediction is scooped up and shown -- the magi-mentalist has written in large print:  "Wine in Paris"

This effect requires no forces, and while the method may seem simple to other magicians, the simple method is what makes the effect so powerful for laymen.  No switches, tricky or illogical procedures.  Just a written prediction a free selection and a revelation that the prediction is 100% correct.   No double-entendre, equivoque, multiple outs, etc. 

Brand new with instructions

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