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The Worker`s Diary (Bicycle) -- easy datebook card routine

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If you have looked at my other listings, you probably have come across other calendar card effects.  I love this plot.  It is automatically interesting to people, because it involves a date in their own life.     The Worker's Diary offers another take on the effect, and if you don't mind using a gimmicked deck (you shouldn't), then you can do an ultra-clean, super easy version of this classic effect.

It looks like this:   Magi shows a blue deck of cards and explains that the other day, he took out one of the blue cards, and replaced that value with a red-backed card.  He casually spreads the blue deck facedown (no red-card is seen yet -- "it's mixed in here somewhere").  Then he turns the deck faceup and spreads to show the cards are all different and well mixed.    The deck is placed on the table and a pocket calendar book is introduced and given to the spectator to look at.  She finds that there is a card name written on each date in the calendar.  Although card names are repeated to fill all 365 days of the year, they are in a completely random order.  (They really are.)   The spectator is asked to find her birthday, which she does, and she reads out the card that is written on that date.   (Let's say, the 6 of Spades).   The deck on the table is picked up, and the magi cleanly removes the 6 of Spades.  The deck is spread facedown to show only bllue cards.  The spectator turns over the 6 of Spades and it is red-backed.  In fact, it says HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it.

This is 100% stunning, memorable magic for anyone who knows you could not possibly know their birthday.  Table hoppers will love it for all those birthday dinner groups.  There is no force, no memory work, and instantly resets.  It is a different card everytime (though the premise does not lend itself to an IMMEDIATE repeat, a person who sees you do this trick later for another table or when they come back next week with on a friend's birthday, they will see a different card )

Excellent handling of the classic effect.  You will use this a LOT!   Typical retails online and in stores for this effect are $35-$40.  Get it here for less!

NOTE:  the props you receive (datebook and deck) need to be filled in by you; you need to spend an hour writing cards into the datebook on each day, and writing Happy Birthday on the backs of some cards.  This is a one-time prep, and does make the trick seem more personal and realistic/impromptu (if you know what I mean).

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