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Mercury Matchbox (Blue Bicycle) -- signed card in box

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Save: $15.00
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This nifty prop (from Mark Southwark and Magic Tao) adds an important convincer when performing the signed card in matchbox effect, because the card can be shown inside the box BEFORE you have actually loaded it.    If you are familiar with John Kennedy's Mystery Box, this is similar in concept and working.    The Mercury Matchbox does not save you from having to secretly fold the card, but when time comes to get it into the matchbox, you do not need to worry about that part. 

The effect looks like this:  a card box is put on the table, and a card is selected from the deck.  The selected card is signed by the spectator, and the magician shuffles int back into deck.  The spectator is invited to pick it up and shake it, and she hears something rattling inside.  "If your card was in the box, that would be a miracle, right?"  She agrees, skeptical, maybe a little scared that it might really be there.  "Even if I had a perfect match for your card in the box, that would be good, huh?"   She agrees again, perhaps relieved that she will not impossibly find the signed card in the box.   The magi tells her to open the box and dump out the contents.  She does and a sealed matchbox slides out.  "See!  A perfect match for your card.  Match!  Get it?"     The spectator laughs at the joke, until the magi says, "But your card is really in the matchbox."  He picks up the matchbox and cleanly pushes the drawer out with one finger.  A folded card is seen inside.   The drawer is removed from the box sleeve, and the card inside is dumped onto the table.   The obviously empty box bottom is put on the table with the sleeve.   "Pick upiyour card and check for your signature."   The spectator picks up the card, unfolds it and finds it is indeed her signed card.   She is scared again of what other powers the magi may possess.

The matchboxes are handmade, and do the job well.     I find that the moving part of the gimmick does not always move as far as it should ideally, but always moves enough, and is naturally adjusted to ideal position as you put the box bottom on the table.  (That maybe does not make total sense to you now, but will when you see how the box does its thing!  And you will see it does not lessen the effect)      Because of this very minor drawback, I am pricing these well-below their typical retail price.  

The routine is not sleight-free, so you will have to learn the Mercury Card fold.  But it is well taught on the DVD that accompanies the prop.

Typical retails online and in stores for this effect are $25-$30.  Get it here for less!

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