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Realistic Rubber Pencil (with Magic routine)

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I have used a rubber pencil in my professional magic act ever since I first came across the SS Adams rubber pencil gag in about 1976.   When combined with some actual magic, the rubber pencil becomes one of the best ice-breakers you can show a close-up audience.

I use the rubber pencil with simple routine  -- take a pencil from your pocket.  Explain that you wish to show the audience the first trick you ever learned.  Do the old rubber pencil optical illusion trick, making the pencil appear to be rubbery.  (I always enjoy creating the illusion of rubber-ness with an actual rubber pencil).   Explain to the audience that it is an easy trick -- just hold the pencil loosely and wiggle the hand and it looks like rubber.   Stop, and then explain:  "I could never do it, however, so I had to cheat and get a real rubber pencil!"  Here you bend the pencil and you will get a strong reaction.  Audiences will actually be fooled for a moment, then smile and enjoy the joke.     To add real magic, I follow with a fun vanish of the pencil and a coin, and continue to use the pencil as a magic wand throughout my act.

I will include an instruction sheet detailing the "Rubber Pencil Opener" routine to all TMGS customers who buy a rubber pencil here.

A few things you need to know about rubber pencils -- they are not all created equal.  Many do not have the metal ferule and eraser.  Some have white erasers, not red erasers.   Without these distinctive features, the audience may initially believe the pencil is real, but they will not be as surprised when they find out it is rubber.  (I am not sure why... I guess their belief is not as strongly solidified in their sub-conscious when the pencil lacks important "normal pencil" details.    The rubber pencil we sell has these important features.  Buy elsewhere, and you may get a less realistic looking rubber pencil.

Okay, that is probably more than anyone has ever said to sell a rubber pencil in the history of magic   :-)    So get one already!

ONLY ONE OF THESE LEFT... not sure if they are still available in this more realistic style.

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