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RACHERBAUMER Card Coins book with mini cards

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I bought a lot of magic from Paul Diamond's Magic and Fun Shop back in the 1970's and early 1980's.   Paul always had interesting items and published some excellent booklets and manufacturered some nice props.    One item I bought back in the late 1970's was a Paul Diamond-brand "Card Coin".  I sent away for it, and remember being a bit disappointed when it arrived, because it was not the cut-thru kind of card coin that Sterling Magic was selling at that time.  It was simply a card value engraved on the back of a half dollar.  (Even that was not as good as I had hoped, because it was the number Five, and a large diamond -- not the suit, but a realistic picture of a faceted gemstone).

But it also came with an excellent 10-page booklet of routines by Jon Racherbaumer.   The routines were so good, I got past my initial disappointment, and ended up using the coin a lot.  I never got over the gemstone depiction of a diamond, so at some point I started using a small card glued to the back of a regular half dollar for the routines.

I tell you all this because I recently came across a few of the original Racherbaumer booklets, in MINT condition, even after 40 years.  It was just the books -- the Paul Diamond Card Coins were not with them.  I guess these were extra booklets left over when the coins stopped being manufacturered.   So I am offering them to my TMGS customers because they include great magic you will use.

Among the booklets half dozen routines and ideas are Double Diddle (a take on the Eddie Fields Dropsy Diddle routine), Oddball MIKO, a version of the Tosheroon effect.    All but one of the routines is just as effective when performed using a regular half with a mini card stuck on it.   So I will also include half a dozen mini cards.

This booklet is well-worth adding to your library -- an overlooked publication by an important magical creator, Jon Racherbaumer.  And you will find at least one or two impressive card and coin effects to add to your repertoire.

In MINT condition, with the extra mini cards added in so you can start playing with Card Coin routines right away.  (Just to be clear, once again, you do NOT get an actual Card Coin with this!)

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