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Jumbo Rainbow Jokers (Astor) -- colorful magic

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Online Price

Regular Price: $34.95
Save: $10.00
TMGS Price:

Qty: 1   

Magic props from Astor are typically very high quality, usually very strong magic, and always very expensive.  At least, they seem expensive for what you get.  I mean, take the JUMBO Rainbow Jokers -- yes, the props include beautiful jumbo sized gaffed Bicycle cards with brightly colored backs...  But come on!  I see this trick being sold for $40-$50 in this Jumbo size and about $25+ in poker sized cards.   That is a lot for a packet trick, in my "humble" opinion.

Of course, if the magic is good, and you use the trick a lot, it is worth much more than the many tricks that sit in boxes and drawers unused.  And JUMBO Rainbow Jokers is a trick you can use frequently.  It is good for close-up, but also for small stand-up venues because the Jumbo size cards will show up in a living room show or small platform.   So I might be able to recommend this one at $40.  

But of course, at TMGS, I want you to pay less!   I managed to get a few of these at a great price, so I can 100% recommend this one at $25, which is the price I'm putting on the few pieces I have.  But when these are gone, they are gone, so don't wait too long to add this great routine to your magic act.  (unless you want to pay more for it!)

THE EFFECT:  Magi shows a packet of jumbo blue-backed cards.  They are turned faceup and counted one-by-one, showing four jokers.  One joker is turned facedown on the packet, and now (magically) they are all facedown.  Blue backs are seen on all four cards.  One of these is turned faceup on top of the packet, and (magically) all the jokers are now seen to be faceup.   (This sequence can be repeated if you wish).  The Rainbow kicker comes when the backs of the four faceup jokers are shown, now (magically) they are red, orange, black and green.   

The effect is part Ronnay's Sympathetic cards, part Sam Schwartz Bac-Flips, and the displays and handling are very clean.  Only one extra card used throughout, so no need to hide card edges or worry about too-thick packet.   The effect is particularly impressive in JUMBO, which is what you get here.

I think the Astor routine (taught on included DVD instructions) goes on a bit long -- I end after the rainbow backs appearance, but as taught on the DVD, the cards turn faceup again and all change back to blue backs.  But you can decide whether to include this final change once you buy this and learn it.

As mentioned before, very high quality props, well routined, and well taught.  Okay, this is worth the usual high price of $40+, but get it at TMGS for less!

Brand new with DVD instructions.

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