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Secur-A-Card -- signed card on lanyard

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Regular retail: $21.95
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This is a fairly simple variation of Richard Sanders' card on lanyard plot.   Chris Webb and Simon Jacobs show two different approaches on this DVD, which also comes with the lanyard (modified, but not really gimmicked, I guess) and a modified card that helps with the Webb routine.

I'm gonna explain a lot about this trick, because as issued, it has some drawbacks.  But these can be eliminated and leave you with a nice piece of memorable magic.  So read on...

Simon's routine is very basic.  A card is selected and signed and shuffled into the deck.  The deck is brushed against a lanyard around the magi's neck, and the selected card is now attached.     This is okay for a quickie, but it is the other routine by Chris Webb which I think deserves our attention. 

Webb's routine is more involved, starting with a blank card on the lanyard, and after a card is selected and signed, it is put in the card box.  When the card is removed from the box, it is now blank, and (you guessed it) the signed selection is found hanging on the lanyard hook.

The you tube demo of this effect cuts in close on the card box when Webb does the necessary load of the card, and on the DVD we see the actual performance without help from selective camera angles.  The load is not subtle, but covered by the misdirection of putting the card in the box.   This makes Secur-a-card good for one or two spectators, but maybe not so good for larger audiences.

BUT...  I have found with experimentation, that you can do the lanyard load in the act of taking off the lanyard to wave it over the box.  Or in this case, because this does not require so much misdirection, I just have the spectator hold her selection under her hand, and then remove the lanyard with blank card attached, wave it over her hand, and then show the two cards have switched places.    This makes Secur-A-Card a stronger piece for audiences of more than one or two.

The blank card that hangs on the lanyard is modified for the trick and (without giving too much away), it can fall from the lanyard prematurely if you are not extremely careful.  But this is easily remedied, and in fact, I will include some extra blank cards that you will find work much better than the one provided by Magic Tao.  So no need to sweat that anymore.

The final "problem" with this trick was the PRICE -- it has a retail price of $20-$24, which seems like a lot for a lanyard, a few cards, and a DVD teaching two versions of one trick.  So I have fixed that problem also!   I got some of these at a GREAT price, so we're selling it at the price it should be sold for!   

So no more excuses.  Get Secur-a-card and have some fun.

Brand new with DVD instructions.     (Note: the lanyard is a simple strap and hook as shown in the photo; it is not anything like the blue card holder shown on the DVD and cover art.)

Red Bicycle cards, for use with any red bicycle rider back deck (deck not supplied -- use your own).  

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