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Psychic Cereal JUMBO -- cute Mental Choice prediction

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This is a colorful version of the classic Mental Choice trick.   And it is made with nice size cards, larger than typcial poker size cards -- these are more like large photos, about 4 inches by 5.5 inches each.   The effect is a very clean prediction with good comedy elements.  And it uses three cards for the choice that feature colorful Breakfast cereal images.    This opens up a lot of patter possibilities, about favorite breakfasts and childhood memories of those silly little toys that were in the boxes, etc.

The magi removes three photo cards from an envelope, and lays them out on the table.  The cards each feature a cereal box design -- Tirx,  Apple Jacks, and Frosted Flakes.   The spectator chooses any one of the cards, and you can instantly show that you knew in advance which one she would select.   

There is a fun (optional) interlude in this JUMBO version of the effect, where you show a prediction of which cereal would be chosen.  But it is in CHINESE.  After this by-play, you do show your actual prediction that matches the spectator's free choice.

Lots of fun, and a nice break from some heavier mentalism miracles.     Kids like this one a lot because of the colorful pics and most kids love breakfast cereals.

Includes everything you need, even the envelope to hold the cards and chinese prediction.   

Brand new with instructions.

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