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Polaroid Money Outdone -- Mike Bornstein

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Mike Bornstein created a lot of wonderful money magic, and with Polaroid Money Outdone, he left us with one of his true gems.  By applying a well-known card sleight to a packet of bills, Bornstein packs a LOT of magic into the displays of (apparently) just four dollar bills.   The effect was inspired by the classic Himber wallet routine called Polaroid Money, but in this version, you do not need a gaffed wallet to do similarly stunning changes of one dollar bills into fives and then tens.

It looks like this:  magi counts four one dollar bills, showing first the faces and then the backs.  He places one of the bills onto the table and replaces it with a five.  Instantly, he counts the four bills again, and this time they are all five dollar bills.  (It is a very startling and quick change!)   Not satisfied, he tables one of the five dollar bills, and replaces it with a ten.  When he counts the bills again, they are all ten dollar bills!   Guessing that changing ones into tens is probably illegal, he trades out one ten for the originally tabled one dollar bill, and the four bills revert to their original state -- just four one dollar bills.

In the end, you can put the bills away and they are reset for your next performance, so this is a great one for table hoppers or other strolling magic events.  

The routine does have a couple of minor discrepancies that happen when the bills turn from five to tens, and tens back to ones.  But these are never noticed by the spectators because the magic is so visual and happening so fast and cleanly.

The instructions are clear, and you are supplied with some fake "practice" bills.  You need to make this up using real money, which is easy, but will require $48 of new bills. 

The instructions also recommend fanning powder on the real bills when you make up your set.    (I'll add a small packet of fanning powder in, so you won't have to go buy some if you don't have it.   Boy, am I a nice guy, or what?)

Brand new, with instructions and practice bills.    Recommended.

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