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Magic Eye -- orig. Emerson & West 1982

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Here's another of the lesser known packet tricks from the Emerson & West line-up.  (Well, it was lesser known to me at least, as I somehow missed this one back in the early 1980's when it was released.)   But it is a goodie, from the creative mind of Larry West.   It seems to follow along the lines of other strong Larry West effects like Colorblind and the 1-2-3-4 Trick.

EFFECT:  Magi counts nine cards facedown -- they have blue backs except for one that has a light brown back.  The brown backed card is seen to have a picture of THE MAGIC EYE (a lot like the pyramid on the back of a One dollar bill).   The faces of the other eight cards are seen to be two sets of Three's -- two of each suit.    One set of threes is placed on the table in a  facedown row, then mixed so the spectator does not know which suit is which.   The other threes are left faceup, and one at a time, each faceup three is paired with the Magic Eye card and waved over the facedown cards.   The spectator then uses ESP (via the power of the Magic Eye card) to divine which of the facedown cards matches each of the faceup Threes.     After matching all four pairs, they are shown, and indeed they match.    The surprising  magical climax comes when the eight Threes are turned face-up and now they have changed into Letters, spelling E-S-P and M-A-G-I-C.

It is new-old dealer stock, so in unused condition, complete with instructions, cards, Q-card, wallet, outer vinyl package sleeve -- exactly as issued 40 years ago.   Vinyl packaging sleeve has some price sticker residue, and some light red stain (ink, I think).

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