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Himber Wallet -- English leather, beautiful

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This is a very natural looking wallet, and is sized right for card workers -- about 5 inches by 3.25 inches -- so it fits easily into your side jacket pocket or your hip pants pocket (and of course in your inner jacket pocket if you wish).  As a Himber wallet, it provides an easy way to switch out any flat object (like a card, bill, business card, billet) that will fit in the wallet.    

Despite its compact size relative to many Himber wallets, it can also switch out folded bills for those "money" routines you may wish to do.   True, you cannot switch out an unfolded bill, so not suitable for a routine like Polaroid Money, but the advantages of this smaller design still make it a clear winner and easy for me to recommend.

The wallet design has two "wings" that can hold a card or bill in place (see the picture, left hand side of the open wallet -- you can see one of these wings over the bottom of the card; there is another one underneath the top of the card).   There are also two slots on the other side (right hand side of the open wallet).    One of these slots can be used for a switch, and the bottom is a pass-thru slot (that can access the same item from either side of the Himber wallet).   So you can switch two objects at once -- one in the left side and one in the slot.

I found that with a bit of trimming, I can insert a post-it pad into the wallet, and now it becomes a switching notepad for add-a-no effects, appearing (or changing) writing, etc.  And the pad can be slipped out when you just want the wallet without a pad.  (Use your own post-it pads -- they are not included!)

I have had a lot of Himber wallets over the years, and this one quickly became my favorite to carry with me all the time.   The leather is high quality, so it will hold up to everyday use, and has a great feel -- soft and luxurious that adds an extra touch of class to the performance.   

Brand new, great quality leather wallet,with basic instructions.   But you can use your imagination to come up with many great ways to use this Himber wallet.

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