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TAUB, THE DOC AND HIS DECK (Tannens Hardback)

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MINT Condition, 1976 2nd edition.  Hardback, by TAUB, JACOB    (the book in the picture with the small tear on the dustjacket corner is from my own library -- the ones for sale are new and MINT)

Back in the 1970's, Doug Henning's TV shows and Broadway success helped start a magic "boom", and a lot of magic books got published, including books by relatively unknown and/or amateur magicians.   But unlike now, these books could not be self-published easily -- they were chosen for publication by the larger magic dealers.   So the books of "unknowns" still tended to be of high quality magic and information.

The Doc and his Deck is one such book, published by Tannens in 1976.   Dr. Jacob Taub wanted to write a book for "intermediate" skill-level card workers.  The book teaches a number of card controls and moves, but nothing that is beyond the reach of most magicians who put in some practice -- (as opposed to those moves requiringa LOT of practice).   The book incorporates the moves into routines, notably a full Ambitious Card routine, Color changing deck, 4 ace work, small packet effects and chosen card revelations.

The book is meticulously illustrated by Taub, with high quality illustrations which we have come to expect in good magic books since the publishing era of Richard Kaufman that followed.  Kaufman no doubt knew this book (and probably Taub himself), and I would hazard a guess that young Richard Kaufman was inpired by the layout of this book.

A worthy addition to any serious magic library, and a book that should sell for much, much  more.   But I have a few of them that I got at a good price, so get one before they are gone!

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