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Royal Flash -- JB Magic -- visual poker hand change

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One of the earlier "instant, visual" card changes ws Zapped, put out by Paul Diamond in the 1970's.  It is still available and still a strong piece of card magic.   A non-descript poker hand (shown in a fan of cards) instantly changed to a Royal Flush.    But Zapped had drawbacks -- it was not a simple trick to get set up, so most performers found they needed to turn their back to set the fan of cards.  Also only a small part of the non-descript card could be seen (the index corners) and the final Royal Flush cards could not even be shown full face without some danger of spectators seeing something suspicious.

But Mark Mason of JB Magic has taken the same effect and improved it 1000%, with Royal Flash.   The five cards can be removed fromt he deck, and put into a spread condition, all right in front of the spectators.  The audience sees a fairly good display of the five indifferent cards in the pocker hand, which is shown front and back -- about half of each card is visible in a simple striaght spread, held in the hands.  Then without any cover, the magi shakes the cards slightly and they transform into a Royal Flush.  All the faces and backs of the the Royal Flush cards are seen completely, and there is no tricky handling of the cards.  A nicely made gaff does all the hard work for you.

Like many of Mark Mason's visual card changes, this one uses a type of gimmick that is somewhat fragile, and so care in handling the cards is required to avoid breaking the gimmick.  (The DVD details how to repair it in case it does happen, but I find that with care, it will stand up well for even repetitive performances like walk-around or tablehoping.)   Although the cards should be handled with care, the handling is still natural and without suspicion.

Very visual and amazing magic -- looks like a camera trick!   Complete with DVD instructions.

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